Business Application Software Integrated Solution


25 Days of Instructor-Led Training

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Business Application Software Integrated Solution

SAP BASIS is the System Administration aspect of the SAP system with functions that have a cross-system impact. To a newbie, BASIS may be misconstrued to be the intro to a course in SAP but that is totally incorrect. BASIS is actually the bedrock of SAP i.e. the technical layer of the SAP system without which the SAP system will not be available for use. BASIS is a group of middleware programs and tools that enable applications to be interoperable and portable across operating systems and database products. It also comprises of a client/server architecture and configuration, a relational database management system (RDMS), and OS administration.

  • SAP-BASIS Training
    Who Should Pursue?

    Any Graduate with 1-5 years of work experience in System Administration, Networking or Database Administration

  • Goals Of SAP-BASIS
    The Goal would be to
    • Administering SAP database.Monitoring all SAP systems.Configuring and managing the SAP printing systems for all SAP instances

    • Performing SAP client administration.Implementing and maintaining the multiple SAP instances that comprise the SAP environment

    • Planning and implementing SAP system upgrades

    • Applying and migrating SAP maintenance packages

Prospective Job Roles

Junior Functional Consultant, Support Consultant, Functional Consultant, Team Lead, Senior Consultant